Your District Commissioners


Laura Krouse, District Chairperson

I've been a Linn SWCD commissioner since 1992. I have farmed near Mount Vernon since 1988. In addition to corn and soybeans, I raise and sell seed for an old variety of open-pollinated yellow dent corn. The corn, called "Abbe Hills", was developed on the farm from 1903 until 1987 by the Neal family, and since then by me. I also operate a 60 family Community Supported Agriculture garden for families in the Mount Vernon and Lisbon area. High school and college students help me with the 3 acre garden in the summers. Almost everywhere you look, it is easy to see evidence of many, many years of commitment to soil conservation by Linn County landowners and farmers. However, two natural resource issues are big concerns to me now. One problem I see is the rapid spread of our towns, cities, industries, and roads onto very good and very scarce farmland. A related issue that frequently is magnified as farmland is converted to suburban use is the increased runoff caused by the construction of roofs, streets, yards and parking lots. I am concerned that we are not doing enough to protect our streams and rivers by retaining water in the uplands of our watersheds. I have restored a small wetland on my farm to provide a place for water to soak into the soil, to delay its delivery to my downstream neighbors, and to provide habitat for wetland plants and animals.

Sue Ellen Hosch

I have been a Soil and Water Conservation District Commissioner since 1999.  I live on farmstead acreage in rural Marion.  Being a farmer’s daughter from the rolling hills of Jones County, early on, my dad taught me the importance of conservation practices like terraces and grassed waterways.   My brothers and families continue the cattle and grain farming operation.  My work as an Environmental Specialist with Linn County for the past 18 years has provided me a good view of the rural areas and the soil and water conservation practices that are in place.  It became evident following the recent wet years that more practices should be implemented to conserve soil and improve water quality.  The core of my work with the County is water quality as I permit and review the installation of private septic systems and water wells.  I enjoy kayaking so it is important to me that the county’s waters are protected from sewage effluent and that soil erosion is limited to control sedimentation.  As a member of the County’s Planning Technical Review Committee, I contribute to the review of zoning changes.  Urban growth is a concern as we continually lose highly productive agricultural land to development.  I enjoy fruit and vegetable gardening and have improved wildlife habitat on my property with a windbreak and native prairie plantings. 

Robert Broulik

My name is Robert Broulik. Our family farm is near Mount Vernon. My brothers and I have no-tilled most of the farm since the early 80's. I was an assistant commissioner for the district for a number of years and am now in my 12th year as a commissioner. To protect our soil and water resources in Linn County, I would like to see more no-till farms, more buffer strips established and less urban sprawl.

Larry Jons

I have been working with soil conservation since I started farming in 1958.  I participated in about every conservation program, including no-till farming for the past 20 years, until I retired this spring.  I now rent my farm out 50/50.  I have played a part in many various agricultural agencies including, Iowa Corn Promotion Board for the past nine years, Chairman of the Iowa Corn Information Committee, President of Linn County Corn & Soybean Growers Association for 10 years, current Treasurer of Linn County Corn and Soybean Growers Association, Chairman of Linn County Corn & Soybean Growers Association’s Ag Expo Test Plot and Field Day, served as an Assistant Commissioner for Linn Soil & Water Conservation District for 3 years, and now am currently serving as a Linn Soil & Water Conservation District Commissioner.

Dan Abel

I was recently elected as a Linn Soil & Water Conservation District Commissioner and took office in January, 2011.  I enjoy working on my acreage near Toddville.

Assistant Commissioner - Bruce Frana


Thank you for allowing us to serve as your soil and water commissioners. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call and let us know how we can serve you better.